Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reviews for

I just made a order from IGE a couple days ago, 8000gold. I read these reviews and read a history on IGE before i made my order. Even though IGE has improved a lot from 2008-2010. It all summed up. It was still risky to buy gold online. However I took the risk and ordered from IGE anyways. I ordered from IGE because, they are most reputable company. From 1-10. I give IGE a "10." My ordered was to be mailed... In WoW there is about a 1hour wait for mail between virtual characters. I recieved my gold through mail, about one 1/2 hour after I made the order. No hassle. No Talk. No wisper. Just a simple mail. I'm very happy. I would recommend IGE to anyone.

On another note. The history I read about IGE. The company went bad around 2006-2008. Someone bought out IGE and rebuilt their service. They have much better service now, from my experience and othe 2008-2010 reviews. I'm guessing it just depends and varies on which server and which MMO your playing on.
Written by Chong C.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ige Reviews

Oldest and largest MMORPG gold seller on the internet. This company has very good customer service and a very good reputation. Usually prices are very good from them but currently it is not the cheapest place to buy gold.