Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ige Reviews - the new ige review

This year,ige is 9 had been around in 2001.So ige is the oldest Wow gold sites on the net. They do their sales with the IGE Guarantee and over 3 million gold deleveries to their credit.So ige have lots of custermors,and many of them write ige review.In these ige reviews,Payment is impoitant.Ige accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and Western Union. And from their ige review,we know ige is Verisign secured and BizRate certified. Ige is one of the most trusted Wow Gold sellers around. Also check them out for currency used in Age of Conan, wow gold and many more. Check them out by clicking here, you won't be dissapointed. Also view other ige reviews of buying ige gold from my blog here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IGE Review -Should we buy from IGE

     Please read ige review,you can get answers.
     Do ige have the cheapest prices?Is IGE a reliable company to buy from? Is IGE safe to buy from?
     IGE’s customer service continue to improve since 2008. The customer service agents were polite and patient. Their English was quite good as long as you don’t trash talk them. The average response time via live chat is less than a minute. Ige agents will give fair responses and little copied and pasted answers. Ige obviously have less customers to serve at the same time and their response time is much better. Keep in mind that communication isn’t a one sided thing.  At the moment, ige only call their customers for fraud prevention measures, this could become a hurting point in the future.They are doing their job really well.
     Ige have no cheapest prices,IGE is safe to buy from,and IGE is a reliable company to buy from.
     IGE Review on November.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

wow ige reviews

There are some customer comment about wow ige reviews.I think it is helpful.
1 first wow gold ige reviews
      I Got my wow gold very quickly, and the customer support have good english. IGE give me Great purchasing experience. ige review 1
2 second wow gold ige revews
     From livechat,they answered all of my concerns, and it was not expensive. I've used IGE before, never really had any major problems.All is ok,but wow gold took a little longer than expected.ige revew 2
3 third wow gold ige revews
     ige wow gold delivered within one hour.Just for the hell of it I contacted their 'contact us' and asked them where ige are based. she said ige is an American based company with offices in Hong Kong, Philippines and America.I talked to her a bit further and she openly wrote I had come through to Philippine offices. Her English (written anyway) was perfect and she was nice and chatty.ige revew 3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ige Reviews Wow Gold

The new ige review from ige.
     Your privacy is important to ige, and ige will do everything ige can to keep your gaming experience fun and spam-free. Ige encourage everyone to do the same. Please - do not support spammers.
      IGE is strongly against in-game and email spam. As gamers themselves, ige know how annoying it is to receive countless spam messages from shady gold sellers while enjoying your favorite game. This is why you will never see spam from IGE - in-game or through email.

      IGE continues to lead the market, for over 8 years and counting. Customers who experience the IGE difference continue to come back again and again. Here’s why:
     Fastest Delivery possible.
IGE works hard to improve delivery times, helping you play your way, faster.Getting your order delivered fast, that’s what matters. 
     Deliveries Guaranteed.
Every order is delivered or your money back. Guaranteed.Order now from IGE, a source trusted by hundreds of thousands of gamers.
     Simple, Safe, and Secure Transactions.
IGE never stops working to improve your experience, and we guarantee your delivery or your money back!
IGE Stats. Let the numbers speak for themselves.
Green BizRate rating
Industry leader for 8 years and counting
Over 3,000,000 transactions
Over 180 million gold delivered in the last 90 days alone!

Ige Reviews Wow Gold on November